WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aspire Archon

The Aspire Archon is our most powerful mod yet. Using dual 18650 batteries, this beastly mod fires up to a max of 150 watts. The Archon’s strong magnetic battery cover slides off for easy access to the battery chamber.

Archon offers powerful features like fast switching between Wattage, Temperature Control, and Bypass. However, the Archon is unique in this, as it requires one button for it all. It features an ergonomic grip which rests comfortably in your hand while vaping. Archon comes in three different color options; black, gray, and blue. All colors are trimmed with iconic Aspire orange. These stylish combinations ensure there is an Archon for everyone’s taste.

Archon MOD Dimensions

Archon Logo Customization & Child Lock

The Archon allows you to customize your mod with just a few button clicks. No firmware or connecting to computer required! Ease-of-Use is a key feature of the Archon. Change Logo function: Press “T” and “-” simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter or exit change logo settings. Press “+”“-”to select letters, press fire button to confirm, “W”button to delete,and button “T” to select between lowercase and capital letters. The Archon also features Child Lock. Aside from firmware upgrades, all operations can be done with just a few click of the Archon buttons.

Archon Button Functions

Archon Mode Quick Select Keys

TCR setting

Customizable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP)

The CFBP feature allows for heat ramp-up (power curve) to be fine-tuned. This customization can be made with just a few clicks of the Archon mod buttons. There is no need to connect to computer to program settings making this function very easy to use. Firing button profiles create extraordinary flavor with no limitations on tanks.

Archon Battery Installation

Insert two 18650 batteries in the battery bay; Please pay attention to the positive (+) and negative (-) cue above the bay. Slide the magnetic battery case onto the Archon mod.

Archon Firmware Updates

The Archon mod is a firmware upgradeable device. There will be many hot new features released via firmware so stay tuned.

Archon Package Contents

1* Archon Mod / 1* USB Cable 1* User Manual / 1* Warranty Card


  1. phil

    my archon mod has stopped working, all I get on the display is a big padlock! any ideas on how to get it working again?

    • Master Vaper

      Hey Phil,
      Sorry to hear that your device is having issues. What we would recommend is to first take it in to a local vape shop to have them take a look and see if it is an easy fix. In some instances a more experienced eye can catch a problem. However if you choose not to take that path or if you do and the problem still doesnt get resolved i would recommend contacting service@uvaper.com They are the branch for Aspire that handles all warranty related matters. Good luck!