Aspire Vape Pen. The best of both worlds?

When the vaping industry first began, two major trends that emerged were e-cigarettes (vapes which resembled tobacco cigarettes) and vape pens. the name, vape pens can be attributed to their slick, long design with a pointed drip – tip that resembled a writing pen. Vape pens enjoyed extensive popularity, as users found them easy to use and compact. However, as the vaping community matured and technology progressed, greater emphasis was placed on performance and power. Given the newness of vape industry, vape pen manufactures, many of whom joined the industry to coast off the wave of popularity that pens were experiencing, could not/would invest to improve the technology of pens. This resulted in the decline of vape pen usage amongst consumers as they were associated with poor performance. While the original vape pens left a lot to be desired in terms of power, many loved the ease of usage when it came to portability, MTL vaping, and simple maintenance.

Here at Aspire we knew that a aspire vape pen does not need to sacrifice high quality while still maintaining its mobile design. The Aspire vape pen K4 kit applies this principle in standing at only 4.1 inches while also providing sub – ohm vaping. The sleek design and carbon fiber battery body make the k4 kit a beautiful Aspire vape pen that compliments any setting. The Cleito coils are fired at 40-55 watts providing quality vapor without drastically expending battery power. With a rechargeable lithium cell that contains 2000 mAh capacity and a fixed output of 5.5 colts allows for extended periods without charge. In promoting its portability, users can charge their products on the go with a micro usb cable. Aspire vape pen styles brought Aspire to the K4 which is the first of K models to provide users  with sub – Ohm vaping experience. All in all , the K4 kit has revolutionized the vape pen market in harmonizing supreme function and an attractive appearance.

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