The difference between Aspire Cleito EXO tank and Cleito

The difference between Aspire Cleito EXO tank and Cleito

Aspire Cleito EXO presents a collection of precision refinements beyond the original Cleito.

The EXO features vastly improved airflow, with top-air-technology the Cleito EXO is leak-proof and capable of supplying massive flavor density and vapor production.

Striking an impressive profile, in five eye-catching colours, the Cleito EXO offers awesome versatility to pair with your favourite device. Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Anodized Rainbow and Bronze, this is all about looks AND performance. Double kill from the Aspire engineers.

The Cleito EXO and Original Cleito have the same lower coil threading. This allows the use of the shipped 0.16ohm high-capacity coil, or the original Cleito 0.2ohm or 0.4ohm coil unit. When using 0.16ohm coil in Cleito EXO, you will achieve a 2ml e liquid capacity which is fully TPD compliant. Utlizing the original Cleito coils will provide it up to 3.5ml capacity, with no spare extended glass required.

For even greater cloud-blowing performance, you can also deploy the Cleito RTA system with Cleito EXO.

The Cleito EXO represents the most aggressive design evolution Aspire have presented to-date. With innovative airflow design, leak-free top-fill technology, and sleek and refined looks. When the world around you changes, only the Cleito EXO will allow you to fight back hard.

Source: AspireCig Blog
The difference between Aspire Cleito EXO tank and Cleito


  1. Cdw311

    The aspire has an optional bubble glass that gives it a 5ml capacity…I still use the regular cleito with the exo 1.6 coils and so far this has been the best setup for me… This gives me the regular 3.5 capacity with the bubble glass

  2. Phil nunn

    Gets very hot especially with the 0.16 coil but still a good tank

  3. Steven

    My EXO leaks pretty frequently, especially if it’s not kept completely upright. I’ve found that the way the airflow is designed, if your coil floods at all, that excess will just sit in the bottom chamber and eventually work its way out the airflow chambers. Now, all of this could be chalked up to user error considering I’m a novice at this.

  4. Marz Shaw

    😍😍 so perfect
    Leaked a bit for the first couple days, it has the 0.16Ohm. Have not had a problem since that was 4months ago, I have it on a Joyetech Primo 2.0

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