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Friends We Made At The Vape Show Case In St. Louis !

Friends We Made At The Vape Show Case In St. Louis !

Vape Expos are always exciting, you get to see some of the biggest companies in the industry, along with up and coming brands, and the possibility to win prizes. However the most exciting part is making new friends! Here are just a few of the shops and shop owners we had the pleasure to get familiar with at this years Vape Show Case in St.Louis !


Cherice Barrera (Middle) is the owner of CigFreeds Liquid and Lace. Cherice opened her doors to CigFreeds back in 2014. CigFreeds however is not your average vape shop, when they say they are an “adult store” it is not just because of vape supplies. Aside from selling vape supplies they also carry 

lingerie, exotic dance wear, shoes, adult toys and games.  That is the beauty of this industry, there are many shops that combine different products together, sometimes its not what most people would consider to go hand in hand but none the less it is creative and adds to the industry.



Chad Myers (middle) is the owner of the The Fog Foundry. They came out all the way from Lafayette, IN.

Aside from having a cool lounge and vape products, Chad and his team were all very nice. We also like the orange used in their brand name 😉






Kisha Lowery (White Sweater)  is the owner of The Vape Shop NWARK and she opened her doors in 2017 .


With all uncertainty and laws in our industry it is always great to see people make that jump and open up a shop in times like this. We wish them the best of luck!



Here we have Demondre Cotton (second from the left)

he is the owner of The Vapory. Not only

does Demondre have a cool business card 😉 but he also has been a loyal customer of Aspire products! He opened his doors back in 2014 and has been carrying our products since day 1 and we could not be happier to hear that.





Here we have Jason and Tina the owners of Attica Vapors.










Here we have Neal Knebel the owner of SY2 Vapor LLC .









These are just a few people we met that weekend, there were many more! St.Louis and the Vape Show Case treated us well and allowed us to meet new faces. We love meeting shop owners and customers who have been customers of ours (and if you aren’t then we will turn you into one lol) because we get valuable feed back that goes into our future products. Comment below and let us know whether you attended or not.

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