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MidWest Vapor Expo is here! June 3rd and 4th

MidWest Vapor Expo is here! June 3rd and 4th

The MidWest Vapor Expo is here! On June 3rd and 4th Aspire Vape Co will be in Columbus Ohio. Midwest vapor is known to be the largest vape expo in the west, and for good reason, many of the industry’s biggest vendors will be there. Vape Expo’s are always a good chance for people to meet face to face, especially in an industry that is mostly on a digital platform.

In this industry we have many opinion leaders/reviewers/ bloggers that influence our purchasing habits and give us great advice. These expos are a great opportunity to meet your favorite face in the industry, and to see people who tend to be in the background but are big driving forces in this industry.

Have any of you guys been to a MidWest Vapor Expo? How was your experience? Comment below and let us know what you would like to see companies do differently at these expos and what would make for a better experience. Thanks!

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