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A New Sub-Ohm King has Emerged. Aspire Celito EXO Review.

A New Sub-Ohm King has Emerged. Aspire Celito EXO Review.

Author: TheListOfJustin (This is the same Username he uses on Reddit.com)

What’s inside the treasure chest

  • Aspire Celito EXO tank
  • .4 ohm coil and .16 TBD compliant coil
  • Spare drip tip, extra o-rings

Here’s the showstopper.

I want to start off by saying thanks to the good folks at Aspire Vape Co for sending me this gem. That in no way reflects how I feel about this tank. There is a what were they thinking moment I’ll be digging into later.

First thing I want to mention is this tank is a beauty. Every time I get a new tank I get all excited. I show it off to my girlfriend and she crushes my vibes. Says the same thing over and over. “Looks the same as all your other tanks.” I proudly displayed the Aspire Celito EXO on my mod overwhelmed with anticipation, said look at this. She stated, “That’s the best looking tank I’ve seen.” Booya!

Let’s dig into the guts. The tank houses 3.5 ml of juice. 2 ml with the .16 ohm coil. Making it TBD compliant. Top down airflow done right is what makes this one truly shine. I tried and failed miserably to get this thing to leak. It simply refused. One of the issues that plagued the og Celito was the infamous flavor lock. Not present with this tank. I employ an army of sub ohm tanks. When it comes to flavor it stands above the rest. My drippers were even sent to a retirement home.

I swear Aspire forges their coils on Mt Olympus. They have consistently put out the best coils since the creation of the BVC for the Nautilus Mini. The Aspire Celito EXO coils are no different. I expect to get over a month per coil. Try doing that with the Baby Beast or TFV 8. Won’t happen, I employ both and get maybe 2 weeks tops.

That being said there is no perfect tank. All tanks have flaws including this. I have found 2. You can’t change your coil without draining your tank. I make my own juice so I rate this very low on my cons list. Possibly the bottom. If you buy juice though, really rings true for those who buy premium juice. You don’t want to waste it. This tank will cause you to dump juice literally down the drain.

Now we march forward to my biggest con. You can’t adjust the airflow. Let that soak in for a moment. When I first received the tank I couldn’t believe it. How could they not include that? Was someone asleep at the wheel? This will defiantly cost them some sales. If you want to vape this tank below 50 watts forget about it. Wide open air flow equals muted flavor. I’ve been puffing on this for almost a week now at 56 watts. I’ve kinda forgotten about not being able to adjust. It’s the perfect amount of air for that and beyond.

In conclusion, despite the flaws this is hands down the best tank I have experienced to this date. Looks great, flavor is unmatched and cloud production is on point.  One tank to rule them all. If you vape your tanks wide open anyways not being able to fine tune shouldn’t be a big deal. Don’t let that rob you from being able to experience the Aspire Celito EXO. The new king of the sub ohm realm.

Author: TheListOfJustin (This is the same Username he uses on Reddit.com)


  1. Adam Boulton

    Mine arrived today, topped it up with my favourite juice and away I went, first impression of the .16 coil is that is an absolute chunker! no wonder its compatible with the old coils, there’s loads of room when you take it out, abit disappointed that its a plastic tank/surround, would be amazing with glass with a steel shield around it
    I went for the all black version and my downside is the smoked plastic, unless you hold it up to the light its difficult to see how much juice is left, that being said, the juice well is also lower than the eye can see so will be difficult to tell when its nearly empty.
    Other than that, I’ve been using it on and off for the last 3 hours and it feels nice when using it, air flow is great, flavour is on point as with other cleito tanks, cloud chaser it is not, standard user – lovely tank

    • Master Vaper

      Hey Adam!

      thanks for comments, we love hearing what you guys have to say. The Cleito Exo juice window can make it a tad bit hard to see how much eliquid you have left, however holding it to light or shaking the liquid around should give an idea of how much you have left. We are happy that you are satisfied with the flavor, and i would also like to say enjoy the first real leakproof tank! and as always thank you for being a loyal customer! 🙂

  2. Craig

    Nice article – already ordered mine and looking forward to receiving – your comments make me wish it arrives soon! Just a couple corrections on your article – it does not work with 120 coils as you indicated, and also it is “Cleito” not “Celito”.

    • Master Vaper

      Hi Craig, Thank you for letting us know about that, just went in there and updated it. There was a mention of that twice and we didn’t notice the second one until you mentioned it. And like always thank you for being a loyal customer. Enjoy!

    • TheListOfJustin

      I know I took out the 1st mention but the second slipped by me. Still though, you will not be disappointed.

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