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Our New Friends From Champs Expo In Las Vegas!

Our New Friends From Champs Expo In Las Vegas!

Champs Expo treated us great! And as always we made some new friends. Meeting shop owners who have supported Aspire since day 1 or new shop owners allows us to hear their stories and reasons why they continue to purchase our product as well as why they do the things they do. We met people from all walks of life and shop owners from different corners of the world, it really is amazing to be able to meet someone you have never met but have so much interest in the same subject.

The following are just a few of the people we go to chat with and better understand!


First we have Ken Church Jr.(Second from the left) who is the owner of Freakys Smoke Shop. Ken has a chain of stores in Colorado and they have only been in the industry for a few years, Ken firmly believes that in the near future vaping will completely take over the Tobacco Industry.





Here we have Robert J. Cartagine (Second from the left) and he is the owner of The Chill Room. On Roberts business card it states “A New Kind Of Social Destination” and that is as accurate as it can get! Robert has a one of a kind shop where they have a Vape Shop, Smoke Shop, Kava Lounge, Hookah Bar and Glass Blowing. And if that wasn’t impressive enough they have a second location that is strictly all vape. Not only did we enjoy Robert and his groups company but we love seeing new style of vape shops emerging. Keep doing what your doing Robert were excited to hear more from you!





Lastly we have Jose Olivares (second from right) and he is the owner of Taba-Co. Jose also has a very interesting shop setup as well. Taba-Co features Vaping, Hookah, Novelties, and even pain management. He’s been in the business for 4 years now and already has a second shop and it is the Vape Hookah Wellness Shop. We wish Jose good luck and cant wait to hear more about that second location!


We always want feedback so we can continue to improve and offer better products and service to our customers and these expos offer the platform to have that conversation. Overall we had a great time at Champs Expo, we had the opportunity to talk to so many different people and business owners. As always, make sure to drop by our booth when you visit the expos! 🙂

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