WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

This sub ohm atomizer tank features a brand new coil design eliminating the standard chimney, which allows for the delivery of maximum air flow and vapor production. Made from stainless steel and a Pyrex glass tube, the Cleito has a wide bore Delrin drip tip and top-fill design. Included with the tank are four different colored rubber cuffs (red, yellow, blue, and black), allowing easy color coordination with your mods or e-juice. In addition, the tank comes with two Cleito coils which both provide extraordinary flavor: one at 0.2 ohms ranging from 55-70W, and the other at 0.4 ohms ranging from 40-60W.

Cleito Dimensions

The Cleito tank’s total capacity is 3.5ML and has a minimum cross-section airflow of 25.5mm^2, which helps facilitate maximum vapor production.

  • Tank: 22mm width, 58mm height
  • Delrin Drip Tip: 12mm height
  • Pyrex Glass Tube: 22mm width, 40mm height


The wide bore Delrin drip tip, which is made of imported food grade Delrin. The tank is also compatible with the standard 510 drip tip.

Cleito Fill Instructions

The Cleito tank has a top-fill design, which means all you have to do is simply unscrew the top hardware and pour your favorite e-juice in!

Cleito Coils

The Cleito uses a revolutionary coil design that completely eliminates the need for a static chimney, which decreases the restriction of airflow. This results in expanded flavor and increased vapor production. The tank comes with two different claptonized-kanthal coils for maximum flavor:

  • 0.2 OHM Dual-Clapton Coil: Rated at 55-70W
  • 0.4 OHM Dual-Clapton Coil: Rated at 40-60W

Cleito Cuffs

The included rubber cuffs come in four different colors: red, yellow, blue, and black. The cuffs help disperse heat and allow you to color coordinate with your mods or use them as a visual cue to remind you of which e-juice you have in your tank. The rubber helps simplify the application and removal of the cuffs. All you have to do is push down over the drip tip until the cuff is secure over the top hardware.

Cleito Tank Assembly

Cleito Contents

Cleito Contents:

x1 Cleito Tank (0.4 OHM coil installed)

x1 Replacement Coil (0.2 OHM)

x1 Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube

x1 Aspire Vape Band

x4 Rubber Cuffs