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I love my cleito too. Can't wait for my 120 to get here. And recycling is a great idea


"Evo 75 White" Have this great device for a two weeks.Well done Aspire




Love this tank....its hella thirsty tho


as I've said before best tank of 2016 and now I've got the rta Base it's even more the nuts ! well done aspire ?


Have 2 120s and 2 original love them all


This latest divace me a very nice and elegant me from Indonesia?


Just purchased #aspirecleito really enjoying Awesome killer flavors ????????


"Cleito" Super nice! ???


"Cleito 120 Rose Gold" I have it and no leaks. @secular__haze this is for you! I have the black version,and what a tank! Awesome flavor and clouds! You can run it well also with 50/60 watts,and if you do a proper build you can use also your TFV8 on the CloudKicker Stride..


"Cleito 120 Rose Gold Tank" Best tank I have ever had.


I agree your products are high-quality at an affordable price.??


Im rocking the quad plex survival kit, things awesoome


"NX 30 Rover Kit" ???????


Aspire was my first Vape set up. Still works after two years. Smoke free 2 years. The Cleito Tank I brought and 6 friends loved it so much they each got one. Doesn't leak. Aspire products are top notch quality.


"Cleito 120 Rose Gold"I already do and it has been awesome!


NX100 Mod is nice ?


"Cleito Tank" got this tank last week it's pretty great! @aspirevapeco


"Cleito 120 Tank" My favorite tank for flavor and clouds. And never had a leak.???


"Aspire Cleito Tank" Thats my baby ??


"Cleito Tank" ? from Wonder Vapes!


"Aspire Plato" Just passing by! ✌ ?


"Aspire Cleito"  The 120 is the truth!

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