WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aspire is excited to introduce to you the Triton 2 Mini Tank. Just like the original Triton 2, the tank brings you adjustable airflow control that will allow the user to dial in on their specific desired airflow setting. With the variety of different coils available for the Triton 2 Mini system, you will surely be able to have a phenomenal vape experience catered to your preferences. If you want to run a temperature control coil or a traditional Kanthal coil, no worries! The coil selection has you covered. With a convenient top-fill method and an easy disassembly for cleaning, you’ve truly got a versatile pint-sized tank system. You can also choose from three different finishes: gold (24 karat plated), silver, or black!

Triton 2 Mini Tank Dimensions

Made of a Pyrex glass tube and stainless steel, the Aspire Triton 2 Mini tank in all it’s excellence is small enough to pair with the Pegasus Mini Mod and fit perfectly in your pocket!

Tank Dimensions:

  • 60mm height, 20mm width
  • 2.0ml Capacity

Aspire Triton 2 Mini Drip Tip Dimensions

Drip Tip Dimensions:

  • 12.5mm height, 10mm width
  • Standard 510 drip tip

Triton 2 Mini Coils

Due to the Triton 2 Mini’s short stature and it’s coil array, this tank provides excellent flavor. We also use organic Japanese cotton as our wicking material, enhancing the flavor from all of your favorite e-juices. Introducing the Triton 2 Mini coils:

18OHM Mini

The 1.8ohm Clapton coil (which is pre-installed) has a kanthal base-wire and a kanthal wrap, providing more surface area compared to the standard coil design. This results in greater vapor production and a noticeable increase in flavor.

  • 1.8ohm Clapton Coil (pre-installed)
  • Rated at 13-16 watts
  • 0.45mm diameter
  • 3.6mm spacing

12OHM Mini

The 1.2ohm Kanthal coil is suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping or directto-lung vaping.

  • 1.2ohm Kanthal Coil
  • Rated at 15-20 watts
  • 0.35mm diameter
  • 3.9mm spacing

0.15OHM Mini

The 0.15ohm Ni200 Temperature Control coil allows for a consistent vape every time. Use the Ni setting after installing the replacement coil.

  • 0.15ohm Ni200 Coil
  • Temperature Control (Ni Setting)
  • 0.3mm diameter
  • 3.3mm spacing

Triton 2 Mini Coil Installation

Simply remove the bottom hardware from the tank system, screw in your replacement atomizer of choice, reattach the hardware and you’re ready to go!

Top Filling Instructions

Note the arrow’s position on the top hardware. It can be set to either vape mode (the face exhaling vapor) or filling mode (the water drop). To set the tank to fill mode, simply twist the base of the drip top to set the arrow to the water drop. After setting your tank to fill mode, remove the drip tip system. You will notice openings on the top hardware; now you may pour your favorite e-juice into the tank. After resetting the arrow to vape mode, which closes the openings at the base, simply screw the Triton 2 Mini’s drip tip system back on and you’re ready to enjoy!

Triton 2 Mini Contents

Contents of Box:

  • Triton 2 Mini Tank
  • 1.8ohms Clapton Coil (pre-installed)
  • Extra 1.2ohms Kanthal Coil
  • Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
  • User Manual