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Anthony Vapes. Battery Life

Anthony Vapes. Battery Life

Hi All, Anthony vapes here. Some of you may know me from my youtube channel, some may have never heard of me. But i was asked to be a blog writer for aspire so i chose a topic that is very important to me and something that we can always use more of. Today I’m going to talk about battery life. This works for both regulated and unregulated mods.


So the normal myth we hear often is that series doubles voltage and parallel doubles battery life and amps. This is pretty much all a myth. Series does double voltage so that’s correct but parallel doesn’t double the amps or double the battery life compared to series. I’ll do a blog post on the amps next week, but for today let’s just focus on the battery life


2 batteries in series (using nominal voltage and assuming a 3000mah battery) would be 7.4 volts at 3000mah while in parallel the same batteries would be 3.7 volts and 6000mah. The mah does double but that doesn’t mean battery life doubles. The correct way to calculate battery life is via watt hours or w/h not mah. The calculation for w/h is nominal voltage times mah divided by 1000 (mah is milliamp hours you want amp/hours so you divide by 1000)


So let us do the calculations. In series 7.4v times 3000mah divided 1000 = 22.2w/h In parallel 3.7v times 6000mah divided by 1000 = 22.2w/h. So what does that mean in short? It means 2 batteries will give you the same battery life regardless of series or parallel. I hope everyone find this helpful. Stay tuned for next week when i go over amp draw in parallel setup

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