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ASD Trade Show In Las Vegas Went Great!

ASD Trade Show In Las Vegas Went Great!

Here at Aspire Vape Co we love going to expos, not only do we get to promote our latest products but we also get to meet people face to face and that has given us a better understanding of this industry. The ASD Trade Show was held in Las Vegas and aside from all the bright lights we met some very bright people, here are just a few people we got to meet and talk to.

 Chris Durbin (middle) is the owner of Choice Botanicals which is based out of Houston Texas. Chris mainly focuses on CBD industry, however he was interested in our PockeX and Breeze because they can be used for CBD as well. Although Chris is on the in the other side of the industry we were able to learn a little bit more about each other and ultimately help each other out.




Then we have Robert and Sheryl who are the owners of The Hillbillies Store. They are based out of Chanute KS and they may just have the most interesting store we have heard about. Robert and Sheryl carry knives, jewelry, motorcycle gear, leather jackets, vapes, and even gag gifts. We cant even list all the things they sell because it would be too long to write out but you get the picture. Robert and Sheryl have put together a fantastic store that now also introduces vapes to their customers.  We wish you guys the best and hope to hear more from you guys!


We are always looking to meet shop owners, and find out what theme they have chosen and also learn more about why they got into the industry so the next time you visit and expo make sure to drop by Aspire Vape Co booth. 🙂

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