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Aspire HORNco Vape Shop Grand Opening

Aspire HORNco Vape Shop Grand Opening


Aspire Vape Co had the pleasure of participating in a an outstanding giveaway with a brand new shop known as HORNco Refinery. HORNco was originally established as an exclusive E-Liquid line and has steadily grown ever since. Founded in Mooresville, North Carolina after years of personal vaping, Ronnie had a clear vision in which he wanted to pursue. The mission statement was clear, create the most unique, high quality flavors the industry has ever seen. With a combination of prior marketing skills developed from the racing industry, years of personal vaping, and of course, extensive trial and error, HORNco has grown in to the massive family run juice company it is today. Several years were spent by Ronnie Hornanday and his wife, Lindy Hornaday, to research every flavor combination for a unique experience for the sole purpose of a satisfied customer.  With 7 lines and 23 established flavors, HORNco is reaching towards a bright future filled with amazing flavors, excellent people, and powerful hardware supplied by none other than Aspire Vape co.


HORNco Vape Refinery was built to stand out from the 7 other competing shops in the area. The rustic feel of the shop has completely blown away most of their close competitors leaving HORNco an immovable force. With an array of competitive juice and an arsenal of Aspire hardware



During the shop’s grand opening, we wanted to make sure they had plenty of goods to giveaway. Aspire supplied HORNco with a stock of over four Breeze 2s to raffle off and a numerous amount of bags, bracelets, and fidget spinners to ensure a happy launch with even happier customers.

The grand opening was packed! With over 700 attendees, HORNco had a very successful first day. Supplied with the proper hardware and immense selection of juice, we would expect nothing less.


We managed to catch Ronnie for a follow up interview. See the Q&A below.

Quick Q&A with Ronnie

How long have you been in the vape industry?

“I’m going on about 5 and 1/2 years, we actually have 7 lines and a total 23 flavors. It’s been a lot of blood sweat and tears but I’m very happy with how far I’ve come with it”

What inspired the opening of this shop?

“You know, I was considering it for quite some time but my sister finally talked me into opening a shop. There’s about 7 shops in my city and I wanted to give a fair shot to my colleagues considering how competitive it is out here. We feel that we are one big family in the vape world so we wanted to give everyone a chance to shine.”

Do you have any previous vape related endeavors?

“Yes I’ve had my juice line for about 4 years or so. It’s doing really well, all of our flavors were crafted through careful research and previous experiences with many different larger flavor companies”

What is your favorite aspire product and why?

“Well, I have multiple. The Breeze 2 is one of my favorites. I can’t seem to put it down. Revvo, is completely untouchable. The Revvo is selling like crazy, I sell 15 ro 18 of them a week.

How long have you been carrying aspire products?

“Since day one. I picked up the breeze, nautilus, and the K1. As of now, I’m carrying all of the Aspire products I can. They all sell like crazy in my shop. Especially the Revvo Tanks and Breezes”

What is your top selling Aspire product?

“Revvo and Breeze run neck to neck. We sell a ton of Revvo tanks every week but the Breeze and Breeze 2 are a customer favorite. ”

Do you use Aspire products yourself?

“I use the Revvo at home since i’m normally running an RDA at the shop, but when it comes down to the breeze, I have 5 breezes on my desk at a time. I use it for both CBD and Nic Salt. I can’t seem to put it down haha. The Breeze is perfect for vaping my CBD juice. I use to race and I managed to do quite a bit of damage to myself during those times. I can’t live without my Breeze or CBD at this point haha.”


If you would like to visit this amazing shop they are located:

101 South Broad, Mooresville, NC 28115



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