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MTL vs DL a battle for the ages!

MTL vs DL a battle for the ages!

Written by: TheListOfJustin

There are two distinct styles when it comes to vaping. In one corner you have your MTL, short for mouth to lung. In the neutral corner stands the DL vapors. Direct lungs for those who don’t know. I frequent message boards, for one reason or the other vapors like to argue about which is better. Name calling, finger pointing, you name it, I’ve seen it. Rest easy folks. TheListOfJustin is here to finally settle the score and lay this question to rest once and for all. It’s Vapormania and it’s time for the main event. MTL and DL do battle IN A STEEL CAGE!!!


MTL is describing the action of taking the vapor into your mouth then inhaling it into your lungs. When I 1st started vaping that was the only style there was. Believe it or not tanks didn’t even employ air flow. It’s very reminiscent of smoking coffin nails. Normally executed at low watts, and tight air flow.


When done right *cough* Nautilus 2. The flavor can be unrivaled. Tighter air flow condenses the flavor. Besides top notch flavor, another big benefit of MTL is the amount of money you save not blowing through juice like it’s going out of style. I can fill up the Nautilus 2, which only houses 2 ml of juice, and it will last me the entire day. MTL IS best suited for 50 50 up to 70 30. If you like max vg, this style won’t be for you. It’s more for those who like too feel like you’re being punched in the back of the throat upon inhale.


Up next is MTL’s opponent DL. This juggernaut is favored by the vapors who don’t give a crap. They own an army of 200 watt mods and rda’s and know more about ohm’s law than a scientist. DL vapors love their nicotine low. They will tell you what juice they are vaping, what type and how many wraps their coil is, even if you’re not listening.


DL vaping is the act of inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs. Generally at high watts. Even though you are blowing out a cloud the size of a car. DL is a much smoother style. Due to the lowered nic and high vg. Flavor is top notch. Most of the tanks on the market that provide the best flavor are geared towards DL vapor. I don’t know what it is but there is something satisfying about filling a room with vapor. Also because of this trend I’ve noticed juice prices have gotten much cheaper. I remember paying 22 bucks for a 30 ml bottle.


In the head to head match up. MTL vs DL the winner is……both. Whatever your vaping methods are is the best. The only losers in this fight are the ones arguing over which is better. We are all vapors, that’s all that should matter. I don’t care if you vape an Aspire Pockex or an Aspire Speeder at 100 watts. I only care that we conquer cigarettes. United we stand, divided we fall.


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  1. Jimbo

    Thank you for this. I get tired of seeing people argue over which is better. Can’t we all just vape the way we want and get along.

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