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ECC Ontario 2018 Was Amazing! Here Are Just A Few Friends We Made!

ECC Ontario 2018 Was Amazing! Here Are Just A Few Friends We Made!

As most people know ECC has been one of the corner stones of this industry, it became one of the most influential expos this industry has seen. Starting from the days when this industry didn’t have a voice ECC offered a platform for vendors and consumers to display products, activism or just a great opportunity to see what this industry has to offer. In the Beginning of February, ECC Ontario 2018 was held and just as it has in the past, it has again proven to be an amazing place to connect with other industry members. The following are just a few of the many friends we made over that weekend!

Here is Mal Bodie he came all the way from Sidney Australia. He dropped by our booth at ECC Ontario 2018 and we got to know a little about him and his business. Mal started Vapour Power in 2015 but he originally started out in the industry by working out of a flee market. Mal has seen the progression of this industry and believes that the industry will continue to grow in the coming years along with stricter regulation on e-juices. It was a pleasure speaking with you Mal, we love meeting people in the industry and especially when they come from the other side of the planet, it really shows how strong this community is 🙂 .


We also had the pleasure of meeting a lady by the name of Lisa Kerbs, and she is the founder of Dumb Blonde Juice Co.

We spoke with Lisa and got to learn a little about her e juice company, she is very passionate about what she does, she said… “We are passionate about vaping and our mission is simple. We want to provide the best e-liquid on the market, and offer it to you at an affordable price. We do not cut corners on anything, period!” Dumb Blonde Juice currently has 5 delicious vaping flavors.


When Lisa dropped by our booth she showed us her current set up. She was using the Aspire Speeder with the Athos Tank. Like always we are happy to see people using our products and it is always a compliment. Thanks for supporting Aspire Lisa! we wish you luck and with great flavor profiles Dumb Blonde Juice makes we are sure you will reach out to a huge crowd of vapers!
ECC Ontario 2018 was a huge success, we had so many of our loyal customers visit our booth and share their stories, and we also had the pleasure of displaying our products. Make sure to stay up to date on our blog section to find out the next show we will be attending and make sure to visit our booth and introduce yourselves! 🙂 .

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