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Hybrid Mods and Battery By Anthony Vapes On Battery Safety

Hybrid Mods and Battery By Anthony Vapes On Battery Safety

Written by: Anthony Vapes


Hi All, Anthony vapes here. Some of you may know me from my youtube channel, some may have never heard of me. But i was asked to be a blog writer for aspire. Today I’m going to talk about Hybrid Mods and the safety behind them


Many vapers around the internet have the assumption that hybrid mods are unsafe or the “least safe” of all the mods. While this is partially true in the fact it lacks some features making it unsafe in certain situations, the real truth is in the correct hands, it’s no less safe than any mech mod out there. Much like anything in life, it’s as safe as the vaper using it.


See one way to look at things is something like a chainsaw is “unsafe” . According to the CDC approximately 36,000 people are injured by chainsaws annually. That is a lot of injuries and yet anyone can walk into a home depot and buy a chainsaw. In the same token TOns of people use chainsaws in their everyday life and never get hurt. The difference is the people who are cautious and know how to operate them correctly. The same Applies to hybrid mods


Ok now that we got that out of the way, how can one safely operate a hybrid mod? 1st off like any mech mod, it’s important to start with batteries. Always use good high drain Sony, samsung, and LG batteries. Check out moochs blog for the true amp ratings, never believe what is printed on the battery itself. Use an ohms law calculator and moochs CDR rating to calculate the lowest resistance you can build and don’t go below that point. Mind you it’s a “safe limit” and not a drop dead failure limit. There is a little head room. Personally I’ll always preach safe limits to people, If you are an advanced user and understand the difference between a safe limit and a drop dea limit, feel free to do what you do


Next make sure to visually inspect your batteries. Never use any battery with a missing or damaged wrap. Also make sure the positive side washer is in tact as well. The wrap and washer help prevent the battery from shorting. If either are damaged you can short the battery causing it to vent.


Ok now we are past the basics, or let’s say you use mechs all the time just not hybrids, what makes the hybrid different? The point of the hybrid is to reduce your voltage drop by removing the 510 pin on the mod and allowing the atomizer 510 pin to directly make contact with the battery. Because of this, not every atomizer is safe to use on a hybrid mod. There is only one thing you need to look for. Your atomizer MUST have a protruding 510 pin. All that means is that the positive 510 pin on your atomizer sticks out past the negative threading that goes into the mod. As long as the 510 pin is sticking out it’s safe to use on a hybrid mod.


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