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MidWest Vapor Expo Is Here!

MidWest Vapor Expo Is Here!

MidWest Vapor Expo is right around the corner! Starting April 21st through to April 22nd. On Saturday (21st) the event starts 10am and goes on until 8pm and Sunday (22nd) the event starts at 12pm and goes on until 8pm. Make sure to visit MidWest Vapor Expo website to purchase your tickets! MidWest Vapor Expo is being held at the I-X Center located at 1 I-X Center Drive, Cleveland Oh. The I-X Center is a well known expo center with very roomy and spacious flooring, check out the image below and you can also see where we will be!

Just off the floor plan you can see how many vendors are attending, theres a reason why they call MidWest Vapor Expo the biggest expo in the midwest! The expo is presented by Vapetasia and Modern Distribution but there is also a long list of sponsors in attendance, such as: Busted Knuckle, Mayhem Vapor Products Distribution, Aspire Vape Co, Bouncing Betty, Strictly E-cig, E-Cig Outlet, Flavors United, and Broadside.

Attending MidWest Vapor Expo or other expos alike, there are many perks. One of the biggest perks is obviously to see all the new products that companies are releasing but what a lot of new comers dont know until they attend is that you get to network and really meet people from all walks of life who share the same passion about this industry as you do. These expos also bring out some of the biggest names in the industry such as reviewers, activists, bloggers and so forth. As you can tell a lot goes on in just two days so make sure to plan out what you would like to see, and if you do come out please drop by our booth and introduce yourself.     🙂

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