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Our Friends From ECC Detroit 2018!

Our Friends From ECC Detroit 2018!

Hi everyone! We are so glad we had the chance to be a sponsor and vendor at ECC Detroit 2018! ECC has always done an amazing job at facilitating a great platform for industry supporters and shop owners to attend. Early on we realized that the core of what we do effects people beyond our office and facilities, and that is why attending expos has become a top priority for Aspire Vape Co. We want to meet face to face with as many shop owners, vendors, and fans as much as possible. There is nothing greater than meeting the end user of your product or the shop owner who has been supporting Aspire Vape Co since day 1. Just like any other expo we attend, we made some new friends, shared new stories and shook some new hands! Below are just a few of the people we had the pleasure of meeting and catching up with.


Chris Rosema (on the left) is the owner of VSDG Promotions, and that stands for Vape, Disc and Golf. Chris was very nice and he explained to us how he has his own twist when it comes to promotion and consulting in this industry. None the less, we were happy he dropped by and introduced himself. Cant wait to see more of what Chis comes up with, good luck!


In the Picture above we have Kevin (second from the left) he is the shop owner of Cloud Five Vape and has been in the industry for 6 years now and his shop is based out of Lima, OH. Kevin said that he started vaping with a basic vape pen years ago as a tool to quite smoking but then he became fascinated. Kevin also believes nic salt ejuices are the future and will become extremely popular by 2019.


Next up we have Rose Thompson (on the left) and she is the shop owner of a very unique vape shop called           11:11 Vape. Rose is one of our long time clients and she flew down from Canada to Detroit to see us at ECC Detroit 2018. We were so excited to see a long time customer of ours, she is so passionate and energetic about our industry, it is always pleasure! We hope to see you again soon Rose.  🙂



The picture above is a long time fan of Aspire Vape Co 🙂 and as you can see she has collected all of our swag gear! You my friend are awesome, keep rocking aspire and thank you for being such brand loyal customer of ours.

And lastly, here we have two down to earth Aspire fans that wanted to have a cloud comp with our back drop! or was it because they wanted to stand next to our Aspire girls? lol. Im just kidding, they were both kind and gentleman, if you see our back drop at the expo, it would be our honor to hold a mini cloud comp so come on by and make sure to always introduce yourself! 🙂

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