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Our New Friends From NVE Alabama

Our New Friends From NVE Alabama

We had a blast meeting some truly inspiring and innovative individuals at this year’s NVE Alabama! Not only was the crowd incredible, Alabama took our hearts with it’s innate beauty. The quality of vape life and vape shops are absolutely wonderful, with a mixture of wholesome yet a professional take on vaping. This southern charm is nothing short of an extensive influential community leading many vape shops and vapers to adopt a powerful take on proper vaping, flavor design, and hardware preferability. Not only are we grateful to have experienced such a wonderful community, we are very excited to share that we will be looking forward to coming back next year!


The following are some of the new friends we made at NVE Alabama!

In this picture, we have Kyle and Pearce of  NitrosColdBrew. Currently, we have a massive giveaway going on with them in which we are giving away four Breeze 2’s! Click on the attached link in Nitros Cold Brew if you would like to learn more about these amazing individuals and the giveaway.


Lastly, our new friend, Sanford McLain! Sanford is the owner of OB Vape shop in Orange Beach Alabama. Mr. McLain opened his Vape shop 2 years ago and started off selling the nautilus as well as the nautilus mini tank. Outstandingly, Sanford has successfully sold over 6k of them so far!  One of the coolest parts of this story we feel is that he managed to start this all in a bar he owned prior to his vape shop. After seeing the success, he opened his second vape shop. Keep killing it Sanford, we are proud of you!

We wanted to finish this post off by saying that we are incredibly grateful to have been apart of such an amazing community. Thank you for a wonderful time NVE Alabama!

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