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VapeEvent Brooklyn New York

VapeEvent Brooklyn New York

VapeEvent will be from March 22nd through March 23rd and will be held at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Brooklyn New York. VapeEvent has not only previously held some amazing expos but promise they are bringing some changes for the better this year. Their main focus is to offer a platform for businesses to interact and create new relationships. The event is a B2B event so you can expect to meet the people behind the companies here.


VapeEvent really is an international Trade Show, they not only have a history of expos held throughout Europe but their expos bring both sides of the worlds vape related business owners together in one location. As always you can expect a wide variety of vendors, here are just a few of them: Château Noir Labs, IPV, Smok, Teslacigs, Imren, Hollywood Vape Labs, and your very own Aspire Vape Co.

The floor plan is very nice as well, it should be easy to get around and see all corners of such a big exhibit with this type of organized floor plan, you can also find food options and restroom in the back of the exhibit hall.



(Floor Plan for VapeEvent)






VapeEvent will open 9:30am and go on until 6:30 pm so make sure to use your time wisely and get around to seeing your favorite brands, and most importantly make sure you drop by our booth! #D9 is where you will find Aspire Vape Co, come check out our new products and see how we are changing the industry!

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