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Vaping is complicated, don’t get frustrated

Vaping is complicated, don’t get frustrated

Written by: Anthony Vapes

Whether people like to admit it or not, vaping can be quite complicated for a new user. A lot more complicated than smoking. Imagine smokers going into a tobacco shop and walking out with a pack of smokes and a lighter then finding out that the lighter isn’t compatible with the cigarettes? Or the cigarette they chose was the wrong for their smoking style. Sounds crazy right? Well vaping has a lot of situations like that sadly. With the wrong guidance it’s easy for a new vaper to become frustrated trying to quit cigarettes by vaping.


Many years ago it wasn’t as bad as it is today. Todays device are much more complicated and many quit by walking into a B&M and taking the advice of the staff. But many B&Ms push more complicated kits. Years ago this wasn’t the case. Walking into a B&M to quit, you usually walked out with a simple ego style pen vape. A perfectly acceptable kit to smart vaping. Now i hear stories of people walking out with Alien kits or DNA devices because the sales staff was pushing to sell more expensive stuff or what they have in stock.


MTL vaping was more popular years ago then it is today. And MTL vaping is the best way to quit smoking. Now the market has shifted and sub ohm tanks and rebuildables are more popular and more stocked in stores. Mods have more features and more power than ever. Even before the “feature heavy mods” like an evic 11 watt tube were simple. It had a dial to adjust the watts. Didn’t have temp control, watt curves, temp curves, etc. Also many B&M stores aren’t going to be chock full of knowledge in helping either. Sure some may be good but a large majority of them are just people who got jobs there. Not “experts” by any means.


Luckily there are lots of resources. Forums, youtube videos, blogs, websites, all dedicated to provide information into vaping. Filled with enthusiast. Sadly many get tired of seeing the same questions over and over again and start getting snarky. Not really fair but that’s the way it is. The best way to not get frustrated is to keep it simple. Buy a simple starter device nothing too fancy. Remember you’re trying to quit smoking not impress people. You can move onto that later after you quit. Focus on your primary goal and that’s replacing cigarettes.


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    I am having trouble telling the mod and tank

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