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Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette

Vaping can be a very pleasurable experience, from the delicious flavors to the beautiful clouds.  I personally love vaping all around my house, blowing fluffy little clouds into any container I come across and failing spectacularly at making rings and jellyfish.  While I find this to be very enjoyable it’s worth keeping in mind that some people are not quite as appreciative of my clouds as I am.

Vaping etiquette dictates that there are situations and surroundings where vaping is not okay to do.  Chucking a massive cloud in the middle of a theater and obscuring everyone’s view of the movie would be an example.  Vaping in stores other than vape shops is also frowned upon.  You can argue that second hand vapor is safe but that does not mean that it is socially acceptable.  One should always be aware of, and considerate of, those around them.  It’s easier than it may seem!

Proper vaping etiquette is easy if you follow the same rules of smoking.  To put it simply: do not vape where you can’t smoke unless given explicit permission.  That means no vaping in places like the mall or in a restaurant.  Hitching a ride with a friend?  Ask them if it’s okay to vape in their car before you do and crack that window while you’re at it, you don’t want to block the driver’s view of the road.  Vaping outside is acceptable but try not to vape around large groups of people and try to stay down wind.   Make sure to check your local laws though as some areas are banning vaping in places like public parks.  Visiting a friend’s or relative’s house?  Get permission before vaping inside.  If they ask you to vape outside then respect their wishes.

So Aspire to great vaping etiquette!  Those around you will thank you.


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  1. awwshyuks

    beautifully written. common sense isn’t so common nowadays.

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