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Our Friends From NVE !

Our Friends From NVE !

Micheal Whittenburg and Giant Vapes did an amazing job setting up NVE (National Vape Expo), we had the pleasure of seeing many other companies, Vendors, bloggers, reviewers, entertainers and most importantly we go to speak with some very loyal fans of our brand. 🙂 Just like most shows we attend we set up to do business, but it is a top priority for us to make sure a great deal of effort and time is put into shaking hands with our customers, not only are they the reason we get to continue to flourish in such an amazing industry but they also bring forth great feedback. Below are just a few people we had the pleasure of speaking with.

We got to meet Sean Typhon (middle) who is a rapper and goes by Typhon. Not only is he an Aspire fan but he also was shocked to see we have a product named Typhon which is his rap name. We got to speak with Sean and bit and better understand him and his interest, he was very nice and we are honored to share a product name that is also his name. For those interested in Seans music feel free to search youtube for Sean Typhon.



Here on the right we have Sandra Kincaid, and on the left we have Morgan Kincaid. After getting to know them better we realized that both Sandra and Morgan are big Aspire fans and have been using our products since way back. Both Sandra and Morgan checked out our brand new Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit and they showed a lot of interest. Sandra told us her birthday is June 22nd and as a gift to herself she wants to purchase the Skystar Revvo kit! We think thats a great idea Sandra, it was a pleasure talking to both of you!



Here we have another happy customer using our Nautilus 2 on his Cygnet mod! He told us that he likes to pair his Nautilus 2 with other smaller devices because it makes for an easy and compact vape to carry around for day to day tasks and we couldn’t agree more. The Nautilus 2 tank uses an updated BVC coil (0.7Ohm) not only is it perfect for vapers who like to MTL vape (mouth to lung) but it produces amazing flavor all while saving you battery power since it needs 15- 20 watts to produce amazing vapor.


All in all NVE was amazing, we had the chance to talk to lots of customers and really understand what their likes and dislikes are of our products and that information will go back into R&D to keep bringing out products better suited for our customers. As always, when your getting tickets to Vape Expos/shows always check to see which booth Aspire Vape Co is stationed at, and make sure to drop by and introduce yourself 🙂

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